We started fishing on a tin boat basically, our first purchase was the Patricia Jane(PJ) then the Diana. 


Both brothers Roger and Daniel operated these two vessels for many years. As we began to work longer hours and grow so did our fleet. We then purchased the Joanne and sister ship Eskdale, slowly upgrading we replaced the PJ and Diana. A proud moment was buying the Jay Belle our biggest ship back then that we still own today. Then came the Donna Maria, Trinity and Sea Hunter, which have all been sold. As our fleet grew so did the demand to be efficient with business and fishing practices. 


We stumbled upon two boats that would change everything. The BRAC and we renamed the other boat after our father Bill to the William R. We ended up fishing our own quota effectively to the Sanford’s Fresh fish Market that changed our position as expert fisherman who know how to deliver quality product. After a couple of years doing this Moana NZ saw our potential and determination where they offered us a partnership to be part of the first vessel as part of the renewal of fishing vessels and we would then be exclusive fisherman to Moana NZ.


Once the Santy Maria was built and launched October 5th 2016, we had no need for so many boats and currently operate two vessels, the other known as Margaret Phillipa. We still own the Jay Belle and are currently about to retire the BRAC the ex-Russian boat.


We are in the process of developing a new wharf and being part of the Marine Percent of Tauranga. This is our home and our future is set here with all of our family. For many years we did operate from Dive Crescent outside what everyone calls the Blue Shed, we all have great memories here, time has moved to the future and now our strategies align with industry and best practices in everything we do.  

Plans to
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