Times have changed and so has our industry, we have managed to evolve over time by welcoming sustainability, that is what this Vessel is about. 

The design has been well thought out with many sleepless nights by Craig Booth, owner of Westfleet Seafoods who worked with Aimex based in Nelson to build the Santy Maria.  Another great example that we have attracted like-minded people who are just as passionate in renewal like ourselves. 


We are currently one of the leading fishes testing out the new PSH Tiaki nets.  This allows fish to stay alive and smaller fish are able to swim out - this is the kind of innovation that makes us a game changer of our time. The fish we catch is of the highest quality whilst protecting the environment and managing the safety of our crew with a living risk management plan. 


With this vessel our future is when fish is managed and delivered to the highest standard. Some may look at this vessel and think she’s BIG, but the reality is we are catching less today then we did managing several boats that is beneficial for a sustained environment.  We still think of ourselves as that small fishing family, but the reality is we have built a business with over twenty plus employees, and provide services to many local and national businesses, we know where we have come from and that will always keep us grounded.  


To have our tamariki, sons, cousins, nephews involved in our business I hope one day my son will be standing here making a speech with the next innovation and knowing they are part of our daily operations - is one of the best feelings you could ever ask for. They truly are our future and why we keep striving to be who we are, welcome to your home port Santy Maria - Tauranga Moana, our home, our place where we belong.