We are a family business, three brothers, our Mum, wives, and children. Our family business is known as RMD Marine Ltd and our home is Tauranga.

We Originally started in Rotorua and after success in Bill Rawlinson Plumbing, our family could see another dream. RMD started from humble beginnings in the fishing world when most in the industry had already been gifted Quota from the Government in 1986. Our family believed in a future in fishing and aspired to it by working hard and perseverance. Roger Rawlinson (the eldest son) started on a very small boat fishing flounder out of the Coromandel. He would set a small net every day; this moment represents the start of a future with the ocean. 


Our family is very ambitious and could see the need to grow. With this in mind, Marcus and Daniel, (the Middle and younger brother) had a passion for life on the sea. With the support of Bill, our Father who invested in the first boat which is still known today as the ‘Patricia Jane’. She is a wooden vessel approximately 17 metres. With Patricia Jane, in 1988, begun the longstanding relationship with Moana Pacific (now known as Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd) - this was the next step in the families vision. The entire Rawlinson clan relocated to Tauranga because Tauranga was forward thinking in terms of fishing and this, our family decided, where the future will be.


Today RMD Marine Ltd has over 20 full time employees who live in Tauranga.  Now holding several fishing vessels our Company that has rapidly grown over time. We are currently operating at the location known as Moana Pacific, the Ice Tower. Our interest is to continue to be part of this location and operate here developing a stronger fishing future for the city.


With good timing and the growth of our relationship with Moana we were able to have access to continue operating to our full potential & have the security of further growing RMD Marine. 


Our families, our friends & the many of our employees live in Tauranga, our livelihood is here, and we want to continue to invest in Tauranga. 


Nationally we are the largest Maori owned fishing company. We currently own six fishing vessels and have invested in our new future building the first new fishing vessel valued at over $5 million in conjunction with Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd.


Our Future...

We intend to keep growing the family business and continue to land quality fish to New Zealand and overseas.